Castle of Zafiropoulos


On the hilltop Nisi of Paralio Astros stands the sleepless guard Argos Bay the Castle of Zafiropoulos, sentinel of Myrtoon sea and mountain Parnon, the flagship of the district.
The presence of the starting of the Wall of Aeginiton in 424 BC, the defensive position can give visual and physical contact with fire-signals on the Acropolis of Mycenae, the Castle of Oria, situated in hill to the Xerokambi and the Orioda castle located in the West of Tyros near Paleochora. Rebuilding takes the name «Castello della estella» (estella means Star) in 1256 AD by William Villehardouin the era of the Franks in the Morea, where he lived, the Venetian leader of the region.
At the beginning of the revolution of 1821, returned from abroad the three brothers  Zafiropoulos, Panagiotis (and so-called “Akouros” because he had vowed not to cut his beard and his hair before the Greek released by Turkish), Konstantinos, and Ioannis, ardent patriots who joined in Filiki Etairia and returned to their home to give the now-for-all fight. The subsequent legendary General “Akouros” genius and astute politician and military leader of the district, captures the idea to rebuild the foundations of the «Castello della estella» of William Villehardouin and actually starts to construct in 1824 at the expense of his family, foreseeing the danger area was exposed by Ibrahim and the Egyptians.
The greatness of the family Zafiropoulos was that the fort continued to be made (after the capture of two brothers, Panagiotis and then of Konstantinos in 1825 in the battle of Kremmydi-Messinia) by the third brother of family Ioannis  in 1826 and ended almost simultaneously with the release of these two brothers with an exchange of prisoners (with sons of the rich Turkish Tripolis).
The castle is quadrangular complex of defensive towers, has 3 houses each corresponding to siblings Zafiropoulos, architecture sample of the corresponding period.
 *Castle in the big time in its history, confronted the army of Ibrahim which consisted of 8000 men  on 5-6 August 1826, which under Suleiman Pasha had come to destroy the area.
The defenders inside the Castle under the command of General Panagiotis Zafiropoulos “ Akouros”, defended themselves heroically and attacked in the plain before the fortress, forcing the Egyptian troops to retreat (-mad Ibrahim for his failure, as described by Spilliadis historian), giving hope to the disenchanted nation and salvation to hunted population of the district*.

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