The -Portes (doors)- of Lake Moustos


South of Paralio Astros and just 1 km you meet the “Portes” is the old mouth of Lake Moustos (currently inactive), from the Management Body Parnon Moustos Wetland  get the following information:-The largest and most important wetland area is that of Moustos . Located in the center of the bay of Astros, behind a sandy beach. It includes two lakes, Lake Moustos and a smaller Lake Cheronissi. Lake Moustos is small and shallow and communicates with the sea with two artificial channels – trenches. Lake Heronissi formed by the waters of the spring gush from the foot of the hill and communicates directly with the sea-.
The above mentioned “Portes” are in the lake Moustos (there are other “Portes” South of the above) also, this is a work of the
Otto period around the 1840’s, the area shown on the map of the French construction company that undertook the project was and is swampy and a curse for the region from the disease of malaria, during his stay in Nafplio Otto 1833-1834 (the first capital of Greece) had a bad experience  as reported by his biographers, because it challenged his wife Amalia in the above disease while visiting his friend Panagiotis Zafiropoulos or Akouros in the year 1833.
So after transferring the seat of state in Athens, Otto decided to drying the Lake Moustos as shown by the
documents of the Ministry of Finance for the period 1834-1839 (General State Archives), the logic of the study was to create controlled estuary with regulated river (Lock) catchment in the technical standards applied in Germany with great frequency in rivers and lakes (click here to see a similar principle of operation). Subsequently found that the concept of sealing the lake was flawed and abandoned the idea of ​​the grandiose project of drying, but remains the construction (Portes), a wonderful architectural creation of the post-revolutionary period that characterizes the surrounding area.
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