The wetland of Moustos


The wetland of  Moustos is located  5.5 km from the Paralio Astros on road going to the Leonidio is largest and most important wetland area. Located in the center of the bay of Astros, behind the sandy beach. It includes two lakes, Lake Moustos and a smaller Lake Cheronissi. Lake Moustos is small and shallow and communicates with the sea with two artificial channels – channels (PortesDoors-), the lake is fed by a source with brackish water that lies beside the road. The lake is a rest stop for migratory birds and hosts a great variety of birds, fish, small mammals, reptiles and small number of turtles Caretta caretta.  Live here in winter, ducks, swans and coots .. Lake Heronissi formed by the waters of the spring gush from the foot of the hill and communicates directly with the sea.
The wetland Moustos, although it has been and has shrunk by 40%, is of inestimable importance for the region. It enriches the ground water reserves in the region, clean the waters, binds the carbon dioxide and releases heat, binds the sunlight, supports the food chain and provide shelter to many species of plants and animals. . North of Moustos, there are three small natural wetlands. The wetland is part of the
European Natura 2000 network  as a protected area.
The area is excellent in its kind, and visitors should seize the opportunity to admire the natural beauty of the landscape closely, it is also ideal for quiet walks, bird watching and generally for mild activities imbedded in respecting the protection of the wetland.
The Lake Moustos is a
Spa because of sulphides containing, click here  to see details.

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