The Lighthouse of Paralio Astros

The lighthouse of Paralio Astros  founded in 1893 and belongs to the Lighthouse Department of the Greek Navy, it is a square stone building and historic monument. It ceased operations in mid 1990 and moved the operation at the “windmill” area north of the Castle of Zafiropoulos. His features were pre-set function:-Fl.W.3sec.75Ft.3M-means lantern with white flashes, lasting 3 seconds, with a height of 75 feet (22 meters) away luminescence in all weather conditions 3 miles.
Worked with torches OIL:
A) From 1893 until the mid 50’s.
B) During this was Monitored (with lighthouse keeper), the last lighthouse keeper, see the photo, our countryman Thanasis Drapaniotis.
C) For the proper flashing was used clockwork mechanism that periodically tuned by the lighthouse keeper. The mechanism unwind with the help of a weight moving vertically in the tower of the lighthouse
and rotates around the optical system.                                  Worked with torches ASETILINIS:
A) From the mid 50’s until the mid 90’s when it ceased to function.
B) The procurement of the lighthouse with acetylene was once a time, from a ship of the Navy (the Fanariera).
C) In the mid-90 abolished the acetylene due to high operating costs and maintenance.

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