The Wall of -Aeginitans-

 At the entrance of Paralio Astros someone coming from Argos and at the football field , if you look carefully at the high cliffs above the small church (cemetery), will see the remains of the wall of – Aeginitans- (see photo). 

In 431 BC persecuted by the island of Aegina settled in Thyreatis {throughout the area bounded by the sea area (Paralia Kato Vervena-PARALIO ASTROS-Paralia Agios Andreas)} and 424 BC build the “Sea Wall“, the peninsula of Paralio Astros. However, the construction of this fortification work was interrupted by the Athenians, who in the year-eighth year of the Peloponnesian War, led by Nicias came to the region was invaded and destroyed. Aeginitians those not killed in battle was hand to hand, took them with them to kill them later because of the hatred they had against them before:
(In 458 BC the people of Aegina allied with the Corinthians and the attacked the Athenians , trying to stem the growing naval power. In the naval battle that was the Athenians repulsed the enemy fleet and laid siege to Aegina. As a point of obedience, the city gave Ships and paid huge fines for Athenians. During the fifty years the people of Aegina still opposed to the Athenians. So on the eve of the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC) came to Sparta to make their accusations against Athens a group of ambassadors, of the cities Aegina, Megara and Corinth. The Spartans turn sent envoys to Athens for their own demands and the requirement to release Aegina from the domination of Athens. The independence of Aegina was one of the causes for the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War. In the summer of 431 BC, the Athenians banished all inhabitants of Aegina and installed Athenians among them the father of Platon, Ariston).

The area where the walls were dominated by the cliff Kotrona (top left of the cemetery) to the lonely house before Castle of Zafiropoulos. Why it was built in this area was clear: The hill at that time was literally Island (washed around by the sea) and the area was the closest or most probably accessible from the mainland where they could attack them, *see island STAR*.

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