Various informations

Various informations

1. We welcome you to Paralio Astros

2. Castle of Zafiropoulos

3. The Wall of -Aeginitans-

4. The Lighthouse of Paralio Astros

5. Sea of Paralio Astros

6. Circumnavigation of the Nisi of Paralio Astros

7. Excursion trips based Paralio Astros

8. Towns and villages in the Municipality of Northern Kynourias

9. Archaeological site of the Villa of Herodes Atticus

10. Archaeological Museum of Astros

11. Paliochano (old inn)

12. Linoi (wine press)

13. The wetland of Moustos

14. The -Portes (doors)- of Lake Moustos

15. Argolikos Bay (map)

16. 2011, the «Wall of Aeginitans» at Paralio Astros

17. Calendar 2012 «to Astros tis thalassis»

18. Paralio Astros traders

19. Monastery Loukous

20. Parnon, the Mountain of Cronus

21. Tegea (ancient city)

22. Vrasies (ancient city)

23. 2011-Paralio Astros, dismal winter calm

24. The Taiwanese Greek

25. Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus