Linoi (wine press)

The place «Linoi» is located 1.3 kilometers from the Paralio Astros, the name comes from Linos (wine press). The wine press is permanently build or portable wooden tank, used for pressing grapes and extract their juice. The built wine press is square or rectangular, such as those that exist in Paralio Astros (3 in number). Great viticulture flourished in our area at the time of Frankish occupation who found a lucrative trade in wines and spread throughout the known world, the Franks presence in our place dates back to around 1250 AD .

The main crop in the area were the vines that burned Ibrahim in large part, mad by his failure to seize the Castle of Zafiropoulos.

The winemaking process began immediately after the harvest and had two stages: by pressing the grapes to Linos, and the main wine barrels.

The grapes destined for wine were transported with animals immediately after harvest in Linos, the place that they were the presses to become the grape must. There, they will spread out on tables and tubs to separate the fruit of good quality and the sour grape of spoiled fruit. From the first could be made good wine, and from the second wine of inferior quality. Those who stomped grapes called Linovates.

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